March 12th-16th


SGA has planned a walkout to protest school violence and advocate love & compassion, instead.  The walkout will be Wednesday, March 14th.

The LHS walkout will be unlike many that are held that day. Instead of being strictly about appealing to our government for stricter gun control laws, the SGA at Laurel promotes community-based solutions that are much deeper, aiming at how we as students treat our fellow students. As an SGA, we do not unanimously endorse the ideals of Women's March Youth Empower, the organizer of the national movement. We also understand that the school as a whole is not unified in this manner.  We are unified, however, in our stance against violence and our call to kindness and compassion.

We have contacted our school administration and the City of Laurel for the facilitation of this walkout. With the City of Laurel closing part of Cherry Lane, we will leave LHS at 12:40, walk down to Laurel Lakes, spend about 20 minutes with a couple students sharing their thoughts, and return to Laurel High School before the end of the school day.

Students can most certainly choose not to walkout; instead they remain in their class.


In light of the mass killings last month in Florida, your Student Government Association is launching a campaign during the week of March 12th, designed to not only speak against violence and hate but also to stand up for love and unity. We must understand the importance of implementing policies that promote safety in school, not only to prevent tragic events, but also to make everyday school life safe and enjoyable. We hope to bring awareness to social and physical abuse, like bullying or fighting, encouraging each other to instead choose kindness and compassion.


Monday - Poetry/Rap/Spoken Word contest (Cash prize!)

Tuesday - Expect some surprises from SGA!

Wednesday - Orange Day; SGA walkout

Thursday - Pay-It-Forward snacks before school and during lunch